Tuesday, May 30, 2006


About a week after I came back from Bangladesh last year, I remember saying to Masud, "Let's never live apart again." But here we are. He left this morning at 4 a.m., his Subaru packed to the max with his stuff. I feel like I'm suffocating.

When I tell people our situation, I am met with blank stares. I feel like they are thinking, "Why aren't you going with your husband?" Sometimes I wonder that too. We even say to each other, "We'll see what happens next year" - as if one of us will decide to give up on our dream. The truth is, he will love his job, and I will love my school. My program is 5 years, and maybe after that I'll get a job and he can quit his. But we don't know.

There's a Masud-sized hole in my heart. He's a little guy, but the hole is huge.


TKP said...


I'm so sorry about this situation. I know how much you love your "shami" and how much "koshto" you'll have to endure living apart. Just be the tough cookie I know you are (mmm...cookies) and know that great things are sacrificed in the short term in pursuit of long term dreams. It will work out in the end, you'll see :)

Zeenat said...

I'm so sorry katie! All I can say is hang in there and things will get better.

Molly Sue said...

You have unbeleivable strength.

Will you get to visit?

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you and Isaac! And the fluffly dog. Can Robert and I visit you this weekend? xo, W