Sunday, May 21, 2006


· Isaac is almost done with kindergarten. This Thursday his class is taking a field trip to Wisconsin Dells to ride on “The Original Ducks” (google it if you don’t know what it is). I am going along as a chaperone. I am almost having an anxiety attack just thinking about all those kindergarteners in a boat on the river.
· I spent the day trying to clean the garage. All I actually accomplished was to shove more clutter into bags and piles. Fortunately, Masud will be taking some of the clutter with him to Ohio so that cuts down on the amount of stuff I’ll have to eventually sort.
· Tonight I went to another one of Page’s awards ceremonies. Last Wednesday, it was the senior awards night, and tonight it was the music awards banquet. Apparently I was cheering too loudly, because at the end of the night she informed me that I was “annoying” her, and that I should get a ride home with mom and dad. Humph. Serves me right for trying to be supportive, I guess.
· I have not seen the DaVinci Code yet. Page saw it yesterday and said it was “not as good as the book.” I might just wait until we go to B-Desh and buy a bootleg copy.
· Isaac and I have finished reading the first four of the “Captain Underpants” series. Highly recommended for those of you who enjoy potty humor.
· We have less than a month until opening night for our play. I’m getting a little nervous. This weekend, I went to several thrift stores and found some very ugly dresses for my costumes. One of the skirts has a Kathie Lee label. Oh, the horror!
· I think I washed dishes 25 times today. Dish washing ranks just above toilet cleaning in my “loathsome housework” list, probably because it is like stringing beads on a thread that has no knot in the end.
· It’s 8:00 and I’m in my P.J.’s. I think that means I should start getting social security checks soon.
· I am slightly disturbed that my life has become so boring that I have nothing good to blog about. I’m hoping grad school provides some exciting blog fodder.


Sharon said...

" it is like stringing beads on a thread that has no knot in the end."

Very aptly put! I love this turn of phrase. And it's so, so true. :)

Shefa said...

dont worry about the pjs.
i'm under 25 and i think i qualified for social security 20 years ago cause i go DAYS without changing into normal clothes... (hey... at least i change my pjs!)


Molly Sue said...

Take it from this lurking Mom, the glamour only gets better, haha.

love the spot. Hope it's ok that I commented.