Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 2

We made it through another day without baba (Masud). He seems to be busy in Ohio - his car needs fixing after the long trip, and he's looking at apartments. He starts his job tomorrow. I'm lonesome for him.

We are planning to visit him the third weekend in June. This month is very crazy - I've got rehearsal every night now for the next three weeks, leading up to opening night on the 15th. I need to have a garage sale one of these weekends so that we can show off our patio when prospective buyers come to see the house. (Have I mentioned that we are selling our house? And that I'm moving in with my parents?) Then we'll go visit Masud, then I have a Fulbright conference in DC, and then, drum roll, I'm going to Bangladesh. Somehow I need to find time to do some shopping and pack for that big trip, too.

Rehearsals are going well. I only needed a prompt once during tonight's rehearsal, so that was good. I'm really enjoying my comedic role - lots of physical humor and airhead-ish lines. Very fun. Too bad I sweat like a cold pepsi on a hot day when I'm onstage. My tu-tu acts as a heat retainer and even my knees start to sweat. My hair was drenched after my big dance number tonight. As adverse as I am to physical exercise, it's kind of fun prancing around on that stage!

I'm very much in love with the puppy. We had decided to name him Shadow, but tonight we decided to try Oliver. The poor thing will never get his name! Page calls him Zeus, dad calls him Dog, mom calls him Puddintate and Mr. Pupper Doggums, and I call him Toast, Felix, Rufus, Good Boy, or whatever else comes to mind. Oliver is cute though, so we'll see if it sticks.

It seems that my battery will die soon so time to log off...

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