Thursday, November 29, 2007


  • The wound on my right knee is green. Does that mean I'm going to lose my leg?
  • I really hate Comic Sans font. Everyone should stop using it.
  • Even though I failed my last stats test, I'm still getting a B. That's awesome.
  • This weekend I'm finally going to see Rent. I can't wait.
  • It's really cold outside. Isaac said we should go back to the Desh where it never gets cold like this.
  • I am starting my end of semester research papers this week. The topics:
    • Development Strategies and the Rise of the Gendered Division of Labor in Bangaldesh.
    • Social Contacts and Job Outcomes in the Bangladeshi Labor Market.
  • My mom is the best mom in the world and I'm so grateful that she's mine. She came yesterday, picked Isaac up from school, let me stay on campus until 9:00 p.m. so I could study, did my laundry, vacuumed, cooked, cleaned Isaac's disaster room, cleaned my bathroom, and cleaned my refrigerator. She probably did other stuff, too, but I haven't noticed yet. I couldn't do this without her, and I'm so lucky.
  • Should we get Isaac an electric guitar or a ukulele for Christmas? Electric guitar pros: definite cool factor, easier on the fingers cuz the strings are not as hard to press, and they are definitely cool. Cons: expensive, need an amp, won't sound cool immediately. Ukulele pros: cheap, small enough that he can hold it without difficulty, cool because it's a little unusual, can transition to electric later when I'm convinced that he really wants to learn. Cons: not nearly as cool as the electric guitar.
  • Seriously, my knee is green. Can I please get some freakin' sympathy in the comments? C'mon people, do I have to beg?


Wendell said...

We will not believe your knee is green until we see photographic evidence.

I bet you can find a cheap electric guitar/amp on Craig's List. Or, maybe you could find a smaller acoustic guitar so he can learn the right fingerings, as the uke is different than the guitar.

Geen can help him with either instrument!

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

that's right dude. I want to see the green knee in pictures! I almost have to vote ukulele- but then again, rock 'n roll is really cool and as wen says, the fingerings are officially different (except I cheat and do guitar fingerings on the uke). What do you think he wants more? and what are the chances he will stick with it once he gets it?

Maddie's Nana said...

The electric guitar would go better with the electronic drums Maddie is getting for Xmas.

Better get some Neosporin ointment for those knees.

Page said...

This will help your knee feel better, AND help you decide what to get Isaac for Christmas!

Page said...

Oops...silly Blogspot. Here's the full link.

carly said...

I lobby for the ukelele. Ukes are pretty darn awesome.

Also, I've consistently gotten about 70% on all my exams. I feel like a failure, even though I'm getting a B.

Jess said...

So I'm alway tardy reading your blog, and I'm sure you've already bought his present, but I'm voting for your sanity and a ukelele. I'll also throw in a vote for my brother who's the best three-stringed uke player in the world (at least we're pretty sure he is, since most ukelele players play unbroken instruments with 4 strings.)

Green is just part of the healing process, babe. It's turquoise you gotta worry about.