Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thoughts before I head out for the holiday...

  • Isaac has a new friend (whom I'll call Big A.). Big A. was visiting the other night and Isaac offered him a GoGurt. "Sorry, Big A., all I've got left is pink." Big A. responded, "That's okay, it doesn't threaten my masculinity." He's 7. I'm so proud of myself for calmly saying, "That's awesome, Big A." (when what I really wanted to do was laugh really loud.)
  • I have been very silent about the horrible cyclone that hit Bangladesh last week. It's bad. You might not have heard about it because the media has been quiet despite the fact that recent estimates put the number of dead at 10,000 plus. Sadly, the worst is yet to come with the damage of crops, loss of livelihoods, and ruined homes of more than a million people...right at the beginning of Bangladesh's winter season. It ain't good.
  • On a lighter note, Masud is visiting and we've enjoyed hearing about his business trip to Asia. No fair. I wanna go to China so bad.
  • I think I got a C on my last stats exam. I'm waiting for the prof. to send out the curve info.
  • I might start a new blog. Potential titles: "Don't Read This Blog, It's Nerdy." or "Katie Attempts the Dialectic". I've been reading so much lately that I'm worried I'm no longer processing it, so perhaps posting a reflective essay on each book I read would help me to latch on. I'll keep this blog, of course, because I need some place to post silly pictures of myself!
  • My Thanksgiving plans include an indoor water park, an hour long massage that I'm paying way too much money for, a quiet dinner with the fam, and about 25 hours of homework catching up that I need to do. Fun.
  • I hope that Isaac asks Santa for Guitar Hero III for the Wii this year. He'll probably want something dumb like Legos or something. Sheesh. I am definitely trying to influence him though. Wait a minute, since I'm Santa, maybe I should just buy Guitar Hero? Is that horrible?
  • Last night I got 8 full hours of sleep, and today I really REALLY understood the lecture in stats class, even though it was about algorithms, which I NEVER understand. Could it be??
  • It's past midnight. I'm going to bed now. Cat'cha on the flip side, yo.


Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw about Bangladesh on the news, I wanted to call u right away to see if your fam is ok over there. But then I cried. All of these prego hormones lately, and Charles didn't think it was a good idea to call u when I'm crying about it...please come visit me & I'll play Legos w/ Isaac- yesterday was officially last day of work- being stuck at home is going to SUCK! This girly girl better come soon! SunnyD

Katie said...

Thanks SunnyD for your concern. I've been pretty shaken up about it. The good news is that everything is ok with my family and friends (so far) but the bad news is that there will be long term effects on the country...people are definitely suffering. :-(

But I heard you're home now. Enjoy your time off! She'll be here before you know it!