Saturday, November 03, 2007

FreeThought Post

via Domestic Nemesis.

Slow internet sucks. I am so tired and would love to be like one of the little squirrels outside that gets to hibernate all winter long. If Hershey bars were good for me, would I still love them so? I don't like buffet-style dinners because I always overeat. My cholesterol went down, and my triglycerides dropped by over 50%. I don't know how I will finish all of my work this weekend. I shouldn't be writing this post, I should be sleeping. I just watched Ocean's Thirteen and there was a gross hotel room...I'm in a hotel room right now. What if there are germs in my bed? Ewww. I'm really excited to see Modest Mouse next weekend.

The end.


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Stop worrying about germs so much! We need them I think, they help us become immune to other thing, that's why the farmer's kids aren't allergic to stuff...(I may be oversimplifying here, but what the heck) In FACT I think I'll get you some germs for your birthday! :)

Wendell said...

Awesome about Modest Mouse!


Jess said...

Katie, you are from the wilderness! How can you think that squirrels hibernate? You've been in the city for too long!

Katie said...

Are you kidding? Squirrels don't hibernate? I never see them in the winter!! Well, if I was a squirrel, I'd definitely hibernate.