Friday, November 16, 2007


  • Sometimes I love heavy metal.
  • I had a stats test yesterday and got done early. I thought it might be a good sign, but today at lab I realized it might not be.
  • I think the stress is getting to me and I don't care that much about my grade. Those of you who know me might be wondering if need to be psychoanalyzed.
  • Isaac has reached the prime Lego phase, and it rocks. I will be putting together the Mars Mission Battle Station for the next five hours. (Those of you who might be wondering, Isaac is the primary builder and I'm the assistant. Yes, Rajas, I'm talking to YOU.)
  • The Battle Station comes with humans and aliens, and I think the humans are supposed to capture the aliens and put them in these tube things in order to be "tested". I don't think that's very nice, so we're making up a different story.
  • I bought a fake white xmas tree today.
  • I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving.
  • They are selling mint M&Ms for xmas. Does anybody remember Royals? Do they still make those? They had little crowns on them and were green and brown. Mmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

What's the new story going to be for the aliens? Love it. And what color lights for your white tree? I always thought those were so pretty. SunnyD

Lori said...

I thought the same thing about the Mars Mission Legos. I tried to convince my son Isaac that the aliens were not being captured but that the humans were trying to help them. (thinking that the aliens were injured and being transported) He didn't like my story though, because he has played the Lego Mars Lego game on their website and he knew the capture/testing story already.

Katie said...

LORI! It's always really cool when you comment. How's life in MN? I didn't know there was a Mars game online!!

lori said...

Katie~ Thanks. MN is good! I really like living in St. Peter. I still wish we had a chance to get to know each other before you had moved. I think our boys would have had a lot of fun together and we just might have too! :) has several games that go along with different products that they sell. I don't think you need an account to play, but Isaac wanted to create an account to do a few more things. Have a great Thanksgiving! ~Lori