Friday, March 09, 2007

This weekend's to-do list:

1. Reconnect with spouse (who's plane lands in Madison at 9:37 tomorrow morning).
2. Read the book "Regional Advantage" and write a 1400 word book review.
3. Read the book "Satanic Mills or Silicone Islands" and reflect
thoughtfully in order to have something good to say during discussion
on Tuesday.
4. Read the book "Consortia" and write a summary for group project.
5. Complete statistics homework assignment on Logistic Regression.
6. Worry about the fact that I have not really started to research for the 30 page paper that is due soon.
7. Worry about the fact that I have to have a first draft of my group project by March 21st.
8. Do laundry so that I have pants to wear that don't have DQ ice cream spilled on them.
9. Clean out the hermit crab aquarium because there are bugs building a colony in there.
10. Give the dogs a bath. (This should really be number one because they reek).
11. Finish planning Isaac's birthday party for Friday (Including party
favors, order the cake, get a present for Isaac's friend who is also
turning seven, teach Isaac how to bowl so he doesn't freak out when all
his friends are good at it and he sucks.)
12. Call my grandma who has been sick.
13. Balance checkbook and pay bills (Save me please.)
14. Grocery shopping? Isaac drank curdled milk yesterday.
15. Pluck eyebrows, or else sign up for a Frida Kahlo look-alike contest.

And to top it all off, we LOSE an HOUR this weekend. That really sucks. Bad.

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Wendell77 said...

Have a great visit with Masud!