Friday, March 23, 2007

I love my kid.

Isaac has been to school with me three times this week. It's been exhausting, yes, because I have to plan in advance for things like potty breaks and the fact that his legs are very short and he can't walk as fast as I need to in order to get to class on time. But yesterday was probably one of the coolest days I've ever spent with him since he was born.

He accompanied me to my office, where he played video games while I worked. Then we went to my stats class together. I was a little worried about taking him to this class because the professor tends to get annoyed when students make rustling noises during class, or when I raise my hand to ask too many questions, or whatever. I was pleasantly surprised, though, when he came over and introduced himself to Isaac, and gave him some colored chalk and told him to draw right on the desk. He even stopped the lecture once to come over and check out Isaac's drawing.

After stats class, I had to work for a few more hours, but there was nothing to do so I read book one of the Spiderwick Chronicles to him. (Highly recommended. I bought this book for him last year for his birthday but he was too young for it. It's perfect for right now, just a little bit scary, too.) We almost got through the whole thing before it was time to go to my meeting. Isaac was really excited because I promised him that after my meeting, we'd go look at the effigy mounds behind Ag Hall that we stumbled upon the other day.

Sidenote: Isaac is so well behaved, a fact for which I claim zero credit. My fellow students were all surprised at how good he was during classes. He really is a good kid. Case in point: I enjoy saying the word "ass". Isaac has decided that it's not appropriate to say "ass". So now I have to say "butt" instead. (But he agreed that it's okay for us to use the word when nobody else is around.)

After my meeting, Isaac and I decided to drive over to Picnic Point (see the previous link) to see if we could find those other effigy mounds. I didn't realize that it's a walking/biking trail, not a car trail, so we ended up taking a REALLY LONG WALK through some pretty muddy terrain. My shoes got all gross, and my legs were aching, but Isaac was so happy that I just didn't care! He kept stopping and giving me hugs and saying, "You're the best mom in the world!" I just drank it all in - the sunshine and fresh air were great, yeah, but the beaming smile on my kid's face was worth a thousand spring days!

We didn't end up finding any effigy mounds (well, we saw some suspected burial mounds, but nothing animal shaped) but we did have a wonderful day that neither of us will soon forget. There might be something to this whole "enjoying exercise as a family" hoopla that people talk about. I dunno, but I'm gonna make it a habit.


Hob Gadling said...

Right next to where we live is Mound Street which has this big Indian burial mound...

Wendell77 said...

Lovely post! I'm glad that you had fun together...did you spot any wildlife for me!?

I think you can take some credit for Isaac's good behavior; you're mellow and stay calm (it seems) in hairy situations. Plus the power to entertain one's self is not something to take for granted.

I saw a robin today!