Saturday, March 31, 2007

Reasons To Be Glad I Was Rejected:

As previously mentioned, I didn't get the FLAS (Foreign Language Area Studies) Fellowship in order to go to Bangladesh this summer and study Bangla. Here is why I am relieved.

Note: This post is clearly an attempt to act as though I'm strong enough to laugh off the sting of rejection.

1. Who wants to risk Dengue Fever anyway?
2. I won't miss the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie AND the sale of the seventh and final Harry Potter book in July.
3. Instead of visiting Bangladeshis in Dhaka, I can visit one in Ohio.
4. I can get my "Classical Sociological Theory" course out of the way this summer.
5. I will be able to actually RELAX a little.
6. I won't have to eat rice every day, every meal, for two months straight.
7. No load shedding, intolerable heat, wading through poop water from the monsoon floods, mosquitoes (well, not as many anyway, and certainly not the malaria-carrying variety), black boogers, or dhaka diet (dysentery).
8. I won't have to be separated from Isaac for two months.
9. I will definitely save money that I would have ended up spending on bootleg dvds and various textiles.
10. I really didn't need to go this year anyway. If the jerks reject me again next year, well, that's a different story.


pem said...

"wading through poop water..."
I love you.

Hob Gadling said...

Oh c'mon, wading through poop water builds character!