Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Isaac!

Isaac is turning SEVEN today! Of course, he is the most awesome seven-year-old on the planet. I am posting some pictures that Maddie's Nana took at a long-ago rendezvous at Chi-Chi's in La Crosse. Isaac was 8 months old and I had really really short hair. And that's my soul mate Debi in the other picture.

Isaac's birthday party is scheduled for tomorrow night. We're doing "bumper bowling" (those of you with less than league quality bowling skills will know what this is) and we're having pizza and cake. His best buddy Alex is also turning seven, so we're having a team party. I'll try to remember my camera. It's sure to be action packed.


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Whoa! A little Isaac! What a cutie pie!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Isaac!!! Can I please eat him??? My #1 boyfriend is SO CUTE!!! :)Monisha

Wendell77 said...

The Cuteness.

Hugs and have fun at the party! Happy Birthday Isaac!

Hob Gadling said...

Happy Birthday Ijaac Baba!