Friday, March 02, 2007

Good Samaritan

This morning I went in the ditch for the first time this winter. The roads were horrible and I was driving really slowly, but did a 180 and really wedged my car into the snowbank. I couldn't get out because I had snow packed on both sides of the car. After at least three jerkwad motorists drove past me, a very kind man stopped and offered to pull me out. (He was actually driving a huge snowplow for the county, but don't tell anyone because he could get in trouble). He had to crawl under my car and hook up a big chain and then pulled me right out. Then he stayed in the middle of the road with his big rig and held off traffic so I could turn around and head south again. There ARE nice people in the world!!! Chances are, he's a Republican (this being Marquette county and all), but he's definitely got the bleeding heart of a Democrat.

Today I'm trying really hard to finish a stack of reading so that I can have Sunday off. My brother and sister will be home, and then my gorgeous friend Tanya is coming to visit for the weekend. Let's hear it for reunions! Now if only I could concentrate on Latin American politics and labor laws. Happy Friday everyone!

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Maddie said...

Wow, the U was open today? Even MSU was closed!! Glad you are ok. Hoorah for nice snow plow men!