Saturday, August 20, 2005

Screw the low-carb diet.

After three days of cruel and unusual punishement, I gave up. The first sign that this wasn't going to work was the fact that fruit has carbs. I cannot live my life without fruit. I can give up cupcakes and twizzlers, but not fruit. Fruit is worth being fat for.

Masud and I have sent out a combined total of 67 resumes in the past week. Geez, how long does it take people to open their mail, anyways? Something good will happen, I can just feel it, but in the meantime it's like were Pippin waiting for Sauron's attack on Minas Tirith...waiting sucks!

I sent Masud outside today to play with Isaac. It's a gorgeous, sunny day, and one of the last weekends before Isaac starts school. They are setting up the tent in the back yard, and I'm packing a picnic and planning a scavenger hunt. Hopefully this will be a fun day for Isaac to look back on, and Masud will get some desperately needed sun and diversion from the drudgery of job searching.

The box-elder bugs have invaded our house full force. When I vacuum them, they stink. Ewwww. I can't figure out how they are getting in here! My mother-in-law is worried that they will crawl in her ears when she's sleeping - a worry that I laughed off until I looked up box-elder bugs on the web and they mentioned the possibility of an ear infection from bugs crawling in there. EWWWWW.

We are on a cleaning rampage - getting rid of all unnecessary crap in case we need to move again. I'm hoping we won't have to until next summer, but it's good to be prepared anyway. The basement is almost empty, and I attacked the storage room upstairs yesterday. I have two huge plastic tubs full of pictures! What am I going to do with all of them? Geez! I hope I don't have to move into an itty bitty apartment again. God help me, I'll go crazy. So far we've filled tons of garbage bags with useless crap, and made several trips to the thrift store. It's hard on my mother-in-law, the proverbial pack-rat, but she understands why we have to do it. If only she'd stop saying, in her Bengali mournful tone, "I told you not to buy so much stuff!"

Well, my sweet potatoes (a carb dieter's nightmare!) are almost done baking, so I'm off to enjoy my insulin induced coma! I think I'll sprinkle them with brown sugar. Mmmmm. Carbs.

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