Saturday, August 27, 2005

My son, the yellow belt taekwondo champion.

Here's my adorable boy, pre-test. He is so darn cute in that outfit!
I'm sorry, is it annoying when a parent gushes over their own child?

Here they are warming up with one of the junior black belts.

Looks like that kid on the right has a wedgie.

As part of his test, he had to break a board using "hammer fist".

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my weak little dude broke the hell out of that board!

(OK, so it was on the second try, and I think Master Winkler kindof bent it a little.)

Isaac had just gotten his belt, and was supposed to stand at attention,

but he couldn't resist showing me his new belt. Awwww!

This is Isaac with his hero, Master Winkler.

Master Winkler's got it goin' on. Uh-huh.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Darling Isaac!!!!!I am so proud of you! I can not believe that you were able to break a wooden board with your very own hand. And now you are a yellow belt person who can stand in the back row. Unbelievable. You amaze me. Of course you know I am happy as a lark about you. Love, Grandma