Friday, August 05, 2005


I’ve been mulling over some questions for the past few days, and I thought I’d post some of them on my blog to see if any of you, my loyal readers, have the answers.

1. As a stay at home mom, am I obligated to get up early, take a shower, and do my hair as if I’m going to work? If it doesn’t make a difference in the way I perform my “job”, why should I go to the extra trouble of looking nice, since the only person who will see me is Isaac? Except when (mortifyingly) people drop by to say hello, or the phone repairman comes and I feel like a slug in my p.j.s at 3:00 p.m.?

2. Along those same lines, why do we bother to make our beds? Who cares?

3. Does watching bad Disney movies with Isaac count as “quality time”?

4. Is it psycho that I actually enjoy the bad Disney movies?

5. How lame is it that I have been checking my Ebay account every hour for the past three days because I’m trying to buy the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy but I only have 60 bucks and I keep getting outbid?

6. Is it even worse that the reason I’m trying to buy the LOTR DVD’s is because I just finished watching the ENTIRE series of Sex and the City and now I feel lost without an epic saga to glue me to the screen?

7. Do I now need a job not just for financial reasons, but for psychological reasons as well?

Somebody save me!

PS – My toothache is a little better but still warrants narcotic painkillers. I’m gonna milk this one for all it’s worth, folks. Also, my mother-in-law is arriving tomorrow at midnight from San Diego. She'll be here for eight weeks, and Masud is looking forward to big plates of rice with elish mach, and I'm looking forward to some great stories from the 'desh. I'll keep you posted.


Wendell said...

I rarely make my bed, dude. And today I was in my nightgown and an apron until 2 pm, making stuffed peppers (next time I'll just cut the f-ers up and stop pretending it's more than a casserole) and half a recipe of butter cookies because all we had was most of a stick of butter.

I like Disney movies too, but ever since we discussed fairy tales in my opera class, and how the spunky, independent woman is "rewarded" at the end of the tale with a husband, I've been more skeptical.

I'm sorry about your tooth. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the cookies!


TKP said...


I haven't showered before noon for almost a month. Don't sweat it.

Have fun with your Shashori. I'm sure it will be somewhat cathartic/therapeutic to spend time with her. Also, I hope your tooth feels better soon!

Maxxb said...

1. well I am sure Issac appriciates a cool looking mommy that's ready to take on the world umm Minnesota!!!

2. I don't make my bed but when I do it looks nice :)

3. good or bad anytime is "Quality time"

4. umm yeah kinda!

5. not as lame as desperatly asking everyone in the office for a box to ship out a half eaten sandwich of the Virgin Mary!!

6. Yeah pretty Lame!

7. Both

Hope the teeth feels better and have an awesome time with Maa.

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