Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Chakri Hariyegeche (The Job is Lost)

Boy, do I have news!

1) Masud finally lost the job that I've been begging him to quit. The money was good but it was too stressful and was turning him into a wacko, "Seven Habits"-brainwashed, exhausted and absent husband. He is now more like the man I married and I couldn't be happier. Poor Masud is freaking out about money, but I keep assuring him that I'll have a job sooner or later and we'll be fine!

2) This means that I can now focus on my own career in a bigger way. I've revved up my grad school search and have expanded my options dramatically. Since I don't have to worry about his job, I have a lot more to choose from!

3) We went to WI for a visit and my dad (who had been unemployed for three years) helped to get Masud out of the doldrums. It was a great visit.

4) My mother-in-law is here and although she's bummed about the unemployment situation, we're having fun hashing out the stories and issues that I learned about while in Bangladesh. With my improved Bangla/culture comprehension, it's been a riot. I really need to write some of these things down and post them here. (Some of them involve sensitive family material, so I'll have to edit, which will significantly decrease the hilarity.)

5) Incredibly, I still don't have a job. I have applied for maybe 25 positions that I'm definitely overqualified for. What is the deal? Should I take my Fulbright Fellowship and my masters off my resume?

6) As a sidenote, spammers have resorted to posting SPAM COMMENTS on my blog (see comments on previous post)! I got a few comments that say "St0ck For Your Review - FCPG" and then go on to advertise some kind of stock. Spam has got to be the absolute weirdest way to advertise a product. Like I'm really going to buy something from someone who has invaded my privacy!

7) My root canal is finally finished, and just in time as we won't have insurance at the end of the month! What a hellish procedure that was. I can't imagine a better torture device than those satanic little files that they thread down into the canal and then move up and down. The mere thought makes me almost barf. But I'm okay now...until the next tooth goes.

8) I'm finally breaking down and trying the low-carb diet. I've rebelled against it so far because as a vegetarian it's really hard to stick to it. Our protein alternatives tend to be really starchy (think beans), but I'm going to try to stomach tofu and cheese overload and see what happens. If I start to feel better, it might just be worth it!

9) Please check out the Nari Jibon website and tell me what you think!

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