Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pets...and my brother.

This is Happy, our Doomed Dog. Poor Happy is scheduled to be euthanized in the next few days...I know he will feel much better once it's over, and to tell the truth, I'm not as close to him as my parents and brother are, but I well up with tears whenever I think about it! Farewell, old buddy!

I did not mean to sandwich my brother in with the pets, but it takes forever to upload these pics and I'm not redoing it! He's such a goof anyways!

This is Pickles, the obese cat. She was embarrassed to have her picture taken and wouldn't let me photograph her face, but I caught her while she was scratching herself. She wasn't always this fat, but she spent an entire winter starving in the woods because she hated my brother's dog and wouldn't come near the house. Once the dog left, she came back - malnourished and missing the tips of her ears from frostbite. Now she doesn't know when to stop eating. Check out the fat roll.

Page and I argue about whose cat she is - but, come on, anybody that knows me knows that only I would name a cat "Pickles". Right?


pem said...

Dude, you and I both know that she is my cat.

Katie said...

Only because I gave her to you!