Sunday, July 31, 2005

A weekend in Montello...

Community theater rocks! My late-great-favorite teacher, Sam Maasz, helped to start the Montello Community Theater, and I wish I still lived in Montello so that I could participate! My dad and sister both starred in this year's production of "The Three Musketeers, All Swash and No Buckle". They both had pretty big parts, and did a great job!

My dad was cast as a drunk Muskateer. Strangely, this is the second year in a row that he's been cast as a drunk! It's definitely not type-casting, since my dad was completely absitinent from alcohol for most of my life. He's loosened up a little now, and will have a beer now and then, but I've definitely never seen him drunk. It was totally hilarious to see him stumbling around the stage. Isaac just about fell out of his chair, he was laughing so hard!

Page was the "Fair Maiden" - Constance. She is so pretty! I'm jealous that she gets to do this with our dad!

This is my grandma, who usually goes to bed by 7 p.m., but wanted to see the play so bad that she sayed out until a scandalous 10:00! She didn't have her hearing aid with her, though, so I don't know how much she heard. It was visually interesting anyway! Isn't my dad cute? He is wearing lipstick!

Here's the gang...from Left to Right...Page, Isaac, my brother Rob, my grandma Lila, Moi, my mom Julie, and my dad Paul. Masud was at home watching the SciFi channel.

My dad is so order to look the part, he actually grew out his mustache and then shaped it to curl up on the sides, and then shaped his goatee into a Muskateer-esque style. Rumor has it he plans to shave his 'stache after the play is over - and I've never seen him with a naked lip!


Samuel Maasz said...

hey um, hi this is SUE Maasz's kid, SAM Maasz. there is a typo on your page you say your late-great-favorite teacher SAM Maasz, while i am flattered that i am your favorite teacher, tho i havnt become one yet, i think it would be cool if you would change that for me... by the way i loved that play, it is the only time i can actually say i was glad to have someone swinging a sword at me lol.

Samuel Maasz

Katie said...

Hey Sam! I was in your mom's class when you were born. We got the details of your dirty diapers, dude.

I know that her name was Sue but we called her Sam. And when you came along it was you know.

I'll change it if you still want me to...let me know.