Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm a grownup!

It is always shocking to me when a friend has a baby. Even though I have a four year old, I find it weird that I am grown up enough to have a kid and to hang out with people who have kids. Sometimes I forget that I'm no longer a teenager, and I have to consider myself an ADULT. Weird!

Today we went to visit some long-time friends in the Twin Cities. Nipa, whom I met way back before I was married, is planning to leave the US for Bangladesh "forever" at the end of September. I'm so excited that she will be there when I am, because I know we're going to have fun!

Rubeena was also visiting from California, with her new daughter Rayyah (shown above snuggling with Isaac). Wow, she is one cute, round, smiley baby. I kind of got baby fever there for a minute. Then I remembered how much I love to sleep and thought better of it. Isaac is desperate for a little brother or sister. He helped me pick out some outfits, books and a toy for Rayyah, and he's already in love with her. Watch out Nadeem and Rubeena, I think Isaac might be your future son-in-law!

On the way up to the Cities, we stopped at the Food Co-op where I stocked up on as much dried or aseptically sealed soy-derived protein products that I could get my hands on. They had a sale on tofu, so I bought a big pile. I am a little worried about getting enough protein in Bangladesh. I just don't think I'll be able to bring myself to eat that meat that I saw hanging on hooks in the open air markets... Not to mention, I'll be deficient in the "refined sugar" food group. I'm anticipating a major Skittle-withdrawal during the second month after our supply runs out.

Well, time to hit the hay. Tomorrow I have a fun filled day of GRE studying ahead of me. Ahhh the headaches, the humiliation of not remembering simple formulas and how to multiply fractions, all in the hopes of becoming Dr. Katie one day. Is it really worth it? My ego says yes. My malfunctioning brain says NO WAY!

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