Wednesday, July 14, 2004

I'm (almost) done!

My thesis has been defended, and I have made the final corrections. All that is left is to print out a copy, proof it one last agonizing time, and send it off to the printers. The funny thing is, I don't feel the sense of accomplishment that I thought I would. Rather I feel like I should have worked harder, maybe done a more intense investigation...I guess it's my inner critic. The study that I plan to do in Bangladesh will be extremely benefitted by the work that I did for my thesis. I have saved at least 2 months by working out the kinks ahead of time. Now I know exactly what I need to do. So shut up, inner critic!

I've been interviewed for the Free Press, and yesterday the photographer came to take my picture. I swear he must have shot a whole roll - I felt like a model! Except for the fact that I didn't wear any makeup yesterday - at least natural is in, right? Is it still in?

Well, in order to celebrate the completion of my thesis, I'm off to have lunch at Coldstone Creamery. No health food today! It's carbs and fat, all the way, baby!

Stay tuned.

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