Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm screwed.

Here were my goals:

Goals: Finish reading the book that I'm presenting on, do the practice exams for stats at least twice, do my stats homework, and have a fleshy outline for one paper.
Here is what I actually did:
  1. Read half of the book, but I took really detailed notes. Meant to finish it last night but fell asleep while rubbing Isaac's back.
  2. Did ONE practice exam ONCE and didn't even look at the homework.
  3. Reconceptualized my paper, but didn't make the scribbly notes into a "fleshy outline".
  4. Watched the movie Crash (finally). What a great movie once I realized that they were trying to show every possible racial dynamic in LA and I gave up trying to believe the plot was realistic. Highly recommended. Warning: you might hate Sandra Bullock after watching because she plays a racist jerk.

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