Thursday, December 20, 2007

Birthday musings...

I am 31 today. To commemorate, I will list some significant events from the past year:

  1. My brother got married. It was a cool wedding.
  2. My brother also knocked up his wife, like, right away.
  3. I moved to Madison.
  4. I got accepted to the Sociology PhD program at Madison.
  5. I discovered some great TV shows, including Weeds, the BBC version of the Office, and Arrested Development. (yes, i consider these significant!)
  6. I made some really awesome new friends and became even closer to old ones (you know who you are!)
  7. I developed an affinity for grapefruit.
  8. I finished taking stats classes FOREVER.
  9. I read about 5,789,345,213 pages of scholarly information.
  10. I discovered graphic novels.
  11. I started riding my bike again.
  12. I finally started to say semi-cogent stuff in class.
  13. I started seeing a therapist so I could work on getting over my silly self esteem issues that prevent me from saying semi-cogent stuff in class.
  14. I developed an aversion to watching the news and now get all my information from the Onion.


idadele said...

Feliz Cumpleanos! I was talking your head off so much, I forgot to actually tell you! hehe, love ya

carly said...

Katie, I must be stupid -- I didn't realize you were joining our department. Welcome to the madhouse! Hehe.

I'm off to the exam in 2 hours. And yet I'm writing comments on blogs instead of last minute cramming.

I'm crazy.

Cogent-thoughts are overrated. What I need to learn to do is to not be afraid to sound stupid -- because saying stupid things is useful sometimes.

Wendell said...

Amen regarding The Onion and not watching the news!

I've been thinking about seeing a therapist too. We'll have to chat about it.


Lori said...

Happy Birthday!