Monday, May 28, 2007

Weekend update.

After spending an anxiety-ridden Friday as a chaperon on the first grade zoo trip (Isaac cried three times* and the only other child I was in charge of watching ran off a few times and gave me palpitations**), I started worrying about my paper. I decided I couldn't work at home and went to stay at the Domestic Nemesis's apartment in Madison. She was gone for the night, so I stayed up and worked until 2 a.m. The next morning I got up at 6:30 and worked until about 3:00, at which time I realized that I needed to celebrate my A/B in Stats.

I recruited the Domestic Nemesis and HobNob, and we, umm, behaved ourselves for a few hours all over downtown Madison. Yay for A/B's!! And I love the Piano Bar!

It's so awesome to have a friend that's cool with you just showing up and staying at their apartment even though they are not there! I could have robbed her blind! I did her dishes instead. Hope she didn't mind.

After eating some excellent palak paneer at a new Indian restaurant, and later attending an important meeting on Sunday, I went home to visit with my siblings. Rob and Lisa came from MN and Page was here for the local high school graduation. I got to hang out with them a bit (but I'm sorry to say I was crabby - blame it on the paper!)

Today I'm working on my paper again. I hate this paper and I wish I was done with it! Actually, since I'm very interested in the topic that I chose to write about, I am kind of enjoying writing this paper, but I would rather be hanging out with my sibs or reading some of the new comic books that hobnob gave me.

I gave myself a deadline of May 30, but mabye June 2 is better.

* It was only my fault once - we were looking in a tank that was labeled "scorpions" and we couldn't find any. I said, "I hope they didn't escape!" and then I shouted, "Oh my God Isaac don't move! It's on your shoulder!" I suck at parenting.

** I generally don't like watching other people's kids because if anything were to happen to them I would not be able to stand it.

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