Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lambda nightmare.

Here is a particularly scary image of the Greek letter lambda, which is the parameter for the Poisson distribution.

I've been studying a LOT for this stats exam for the past few days. Last night I had a minor panic attack while trying to figure out how to find the expected values for a chi square (you have to exponentiate the lambda, multiply it by Y to the lambda, and then divide by y factorial. Duh. HobNob helped me figure it out. Thanks buddy.) I went to sleep soon after, but had a horrible dream.

In my dream, I was taking my stats exam. Suddenly one of the lambdas started to get bigger and began walking around my page, pushing the numbers around and messing up the questions. I tried to erase it but it escaped. It got mad and started eating the numbers. I tried to finish it quick before everything was gone but it was hopeless. It was such a freaky dream that I woke up all sweaty.

And now it's 10:40 p.m. and I've got a lot to memorize, so I'm ending this post. Think of me at noon tomorrow and pray that I wont be devoured by ravenous lambdas.


Zeenat said...

Poor Katie!!!!!!!! I'll send good vibes your way at noon! The dream was hilarious though! ;-)

Lisa said...

LOL! You are the most random person-- I love it! Funny how life has a way of getting to us even when we sleep. There's no escape! Miss you! Good luck on the exam! <3, me

page said...

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Wendell said...