Thursday, May 24, 2007

Critter Mystery!

As you may know, my brother Rob and his fiance Lisa are getting married on June 23. The wedding will take place at our house, just to the east in a beautiful pasture under a perfect oak tree. Today I went for a walk to inspect the wedding site and enjoy the morning sunshine, and I found this strange edifice...

My first thought is that this must be a badger house. Has Bucky taken up residence here in order to eat my doggies because I refuse to care about Wisconsin football? If it is a badger, will he or she come out and try to eat the wedding guests on June 23rd?

Wendell, my critter sleuth, what do you think is living in my meadow? Maybe your dad, the PETA lover, will be able to help with some humane relocation of the beast?

Or maybe it's a sasquatch!!


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Is it from a beaver? There's no water though... maybe it is from a GIANT TICK!! :)

Wendell said...

It could be a badger...or a woodchuck? Look around over there at dawn and dusk and see if you see any creatures. My Dad DOES have some live traps.