Sunday, May 13, 2007

Status update.

My stats final is on Wednesday, and my 20-30 page paper is due on May 20th. I've been studying all day. Here is the rundown by the numbers.

4: number of articles that I read for my development paper

1: number of books that I read for my development paper

2: number of pages of the 14 page stats review sheet that I've gotten through

4: number of times I had to look at the answer key for the practice exam to figure out what the hell I'm doing

75: number of times I've checked my email and/or facebook

3: number of phone calls from Isaac saying he misses me

2: number of times I fell asleep on the couch while reading development literature

6: number of books I have left to read

1 ream: approximate size of the pile of articles that I still need to go through

.027: probability that I'll get everything done by the deadline (especially if I keep blogging!!!)

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