Saturday, May 19, 2007

Great Women in my Life

This week my mentor Dr. K. came to the Wilderness. She had a conference in Madison but stayed the week, helping me with assorted grad school tasks. She also cracked the whip a little and we worked on Nari Jibon stuff. She gave me some wonderful advice, bought me some new digital equipment, and generally encouraged me to keep slugging through grad school. Hooray for mentors!

Last night we drove to Chicago with my mom and the local librarian to this great bookstore called "Women and Children First" (Google it, i'm too tired to put in a link.) We had preordered copies of Barbara Kingsolver's new book (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) and we got to see her read from the book.

While at the store, I found three other books that I simply Had To Have. HobNob has got me all excited about graphic novels. I'm reading Watchmen (heavy) but saw these Persepolis novels on the shelf and had to buy them. They are about a girl who grew up in Iran with Marxist parents...I'm not letting myself open them until I finish my paper!!

Kingsolver is always on my "favorite authors" list - the Poisonwood Bible definitely changed my life and got me started thinking about colonialism, development and the whole "US/THEM" construct. I then devoured every other book she's written. It was really great to meet her and I know this picture is sideways but again I'm too tired...see her autograph???

Here is photographic evidence of how tired I am. Today has been designated "Locate the source of the bad smell in my bathroom" day and "take gratuitous naps" day. I don't care that it's beautiful outside, I am going to recover a little bit of sleep/hygiene.

And last but not least, a sexy pic of Gina who was chair-dancing. Gina, thanks so much for freely letting me sleep on your couch, call you randomly and live vicariously!!! Hooray for girlfriends!


idadele said...

I was in Chicago from Thursday until tonight! That's what you get for acting like a real student and not coming in to work last week. HA

Wendell said...

You look like Isaac in the "tired" picture. I still think it's a lovely photo!

Yay for new books. I haven't read any Kingsolver....