Sunday, January 01, 2006

Self-Psychoanalysis {Via Rock 'n' Roll}

Thanks to Page, who's rad musical taste I mentioned in a previous post, I have discovered the great band System of a Down.

Today, as I was reading about the band on their website, I found a section in which the band members underwent psychological evaluations. (The results for each member are published under the "members" section of the website.) One sentence regarding singer Serj Tankian in particular stood out...

Subject freely drops political jargon ("cooperate Darwinism," "Chomsky-esque") and expresses clear skepticism regarding modes and means of information dissemination, "We see the same thing on every channel," he says. "It's all very devised. It's very filtered.? Well-versed on pressing issues, he's neither apathist nor activist but instead one fascinated by the nature and conclusions of international transactions, policies and ideologies. Awareness and keen knowledge of national or global cause and effect traditionally signifies: a.) sub-conscious desire to avoid examination of the self b.) phobias regarding species extinction c.) revolutionary aspirations (imagined or real) and/or d.) imminent career as college professor.

Now I will be forced to discern to which of these categories I belong. I do have phobic tendencies...hmmm...species extinction?


pem said...

I love system..
Nice post K.

Anonymous said...

Listened to their song Toxicity? Nice one