Monday, January 02, 2006

My Blog Mission and Reader Inventory

I realize that by nature, blogging is an exhibitionist pastime. Ever since I came back from Bangladesh in June, the purpose of my own blog has changed significantly. It's gone from a means of information and updates for my family and friends to a chronicle of my daily life in boring, small town America. I've often struggled with the idea of anonymity. Most of the great blogs that I read are veiled in secrecy. They refer to their loved ones with clever psuedonyms and do not reveal their own last names or places of work. This ads a sense of mystique to their writing, and makes me want to read more. Sometimes I feel like starting over with a completely new identity. I would then be free to reveal my very personal stories, which would probably make for a better read. I've got scandals, people. Traumas. Agonies. And ecstacies. Wouldn't you love to hear? Alas, they are relegated to my personal journal.

I guess the reason I choose to continue with this blog is because I know that I am absolutely terrible at keeping in touch with people. Given the way that our family tends to move around (God help me), it is an unfortunate character flaw. This blog is a way for my dear friends to know that I'm still alive, I have a life and a brain, and I am conciously updating them on my activities because I do want to keep a relationship going.

I know of my readers, I think, although from the looks of my hi-fi hit counter, I must have some regular readers who are hiding from me. I understand, as a blog lurker myself, that it feels weird to comment on the personal blog of a person that you do not know in real life, but it's also very, very creepy to eavesdrop and not comment once in a while. I have started commenting on the blogs I read secretly, so I request that if you are a regular reader, drop me a little "hello" once in a while!

So all of you creepy lurkers, post a comment! Tell me about yourself. And I promise not to call you creepy ever again!


Rezwan said...


I admit that I have been stalking your blog since long with my RSS reader since long. I am a Bangladeshi and My short bio can be found here.

Although you look nice in Sari, my intention is not to eavesdrop but find posts about Bangladesh and Bangladeshis.

You express yourself really well. You provide important insights into my country & culture.

Keep blogging! Cheers.

Owen said...

Just visiting, following up your comment on Rezwan's blog.

Kara said...

Hi! I am a friend of Tanya's sister. So I link-link-linked over to your site. I love it and also love Bitch Ph.D., who I found from your link.

Sorry to have been creepy, I've been wanting to post something like this on my weblog as well! :)

Simika said...

hahaha guilty of being a lurker! sorry :( i found your blog through zeenotes and also tanya, and since then I've been reading/browsing your site. I think we were in BD around the same time (I interned at CARE) but although I met Tanya I didn't get a chance to meet you!

so anyway - hello :)

Sharon said...

I love reading your blog. *waves hello*

I wonder if I should post something like this, too.

Katie said...

I hope I didn't offend anyone by using the word "creepy". I definitely consider myself creepy, because I lurk a lot on other blogs. So, no judgement, fellow creeps, but I want to get to know ya!

Thanks for showing yourselves!

Lori said...

Hi! I found your blog (the first blog I've ever read) after meeting you at the Washington DC airport. That probably sounds weird, but something about you and your family stuck in my mind. I was the one travelling with my sister and her baby and I have a son Isaac in Kindergarten too and we live near where you just moved from. Anyway, sorry to be weird...

Anonymous said...

I read because you're a foxxy princess! Will do the "7 things" soon. xo, happy new year, Wendy

Katie said...

Wow, Lori, I totally remember you! How is Isaac? I've thought about you guys several times since we met.

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog from rezwans blog
and to be honest reading peoples blogs is sometimes more fun than the job I have (so yup, I'll goof off sometimes and read blogs and kill a few hours - wierd you ask me ? No just bored).
I found your blog to be good reading and lots of witty posts.
Also little Isaac is really cute :-) he looks like a friend of mines son (shes white, he's deshi).
Im Jimmy by the ways.

Anna said...

Hi Katie,
I'm from Germany and regularly read Rezwan's blog to get updated about the political situation in the desh where I did a volunteer service once, and you know, the link-link-linkings.... :-)
keep going - Anna

Lula said...

I am one of those creepy chicks out there. I was referred to your blog by my friend Zeenat. I read the whole thing in one sitting and look forward to new posts.