Friday, April 01, 2005

Psycho child.

It's probably because I worried so much that he would be a hermaphrodite when I was pregnant. He was born clearly a boy, but Isaac is a real nutcase. Shall we engage in the "nature vs. nurture" arguement? Or should I just tell you what a nut my kid is.

For a long time, he's had a really hard time with change. I was not allowed to get rid of old broken toys, clothes that were too small, and even returning library books was traumatic. Rearranging the furniture spurred a 3 hour tantrum, and he still is bitter about the fact that I changed the curtains. (Remember, mom?) So it's been tough on him - coming to Bangladesh - so different from the US, and where we've had to change apartments several times. It seems the last straw was when we moved from our room to his aunt and uncles room a few days ago. We had to move because this is the room that has AC. He cried for an hour and a half straight, and finally seemed okay with it. A few hours later, though, he started asking me "Mom, come here. See the shape (position) I'm in? See how my hands are? See where my shoes are on the floor? Memorize this shape and put me in it again for this many (holds up ten fingers) days." Ok, no problem. Kindof strange but sortof funny at the same time. Then he says it again five minutes later. And again. And again. Every five minutes. Every time he moves. If somebody moves his shoe he flips out. If i say "no I wont put you in that shape" he flips out. If I refuse to come from the other room to memorize his shape, he flips out.

Here I thought that bringing him to Bangladesh would help him to get to know his father's culture, and make him more flexible. What happend is that he hates everything Bengali, and has become rigid to the point that he doesn't want to "change his shape". Should I be blaming myself for this? So my plan backfired. Now what do I do? Parenting is hard.

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