Sunday, March 27, 2005

Flying by...

I can't believe how fast time is flying by right now. I'm working and learning a lot, and beginning to think about how to write everything up for a nice little presentation. I'm also starting to worry about how to fit the contents of this room into four little suitcases that must weigh less than 70 pounds each. Yikes.
I got a nasty little rejection letter from the U of M last week, so I am going to be taking the year off. If anyone has a lead on an easy yet good paying job that will help to pay off my student loans, please keep me informed. I'm hoping to apply to more programs for next year, and it's actually good that I didn't get in so that I can figure out what I want to study first. I need more direction before I jump into a PhD program.
Isaac's video game died yesterday. It was very sad. We took the whole set back to the store, where they said "in Bangladesh, there is no such thing as a warranty". But they are going to try to get it fixed anyway. How nice of them. I'll probably have to pay for the repairs, but I hope that they can fix it. I'm considering buying a Gameboy for Isaac, but then I wonder if I'll turn him into a computer game nerd. I don't want that. No offense to all my friends (and family) who are computer game nerds.
Well, the rain has ended, and now it's just steamy here. The sun is harsh. I can't imagine that it's cold anywhere else in the world, and I wonder how people can stand to be outside working all day. I suppose they would wonder the same thing about people who work in the snow.
I'm out of interesting things to say, and my eyelids are heavy, so it's time for bed. More soon.

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