Saturday, March 12, 2005

Allergic to...Bangladesh?

Well, I got a second opinion on this whole gross cough thing I have going on, and the second doctor did a test called a spirometry and determined that I do not, in fact, have asthma. He concluded that I am severely allergic to the air in Dhaka. This diagnosis makes far more sense to me, as my symptoms occured after a three day stay in the smog-blanketed city of Kolkata, where I also enjoyed perhaps a few too many puffs on the ol' hookah (not really, mom and dad). Plus, I've been out in the Dhaka air almost every day for the past month. The smog is visible, and when I come home and wash my face there is a layer of black film that comes off. I can just imagine what my poor lungs look like. They're probably in shock, having grown up in the pure and fresh countryside of the midwest. Oh well, at least it's not asthma. Hopefully it'll go away when I go home in June.

I'm still really busy, but I had a chance to have lunch with Tanya today, which was very refreshing. She seems to be having some of the same issues as I have (homesickness, loneliness, frustration with the third world) and it's good to have someone to gripe with. Isaac also enjoys hanging out with her, although after he called her fat the other day I'm not sure the feeling is reciprocated. I've been fed up lately with lots of different things, plus I'm hormonally imbalanced at the moment, so it was a welcome lunch break. Plus, the veggie pizza is good at the American Club.

Isaac's birthday is coming up, so we ordered a cake and booked a time at Pizza Hut. I think Isaac's forgotten about the outrageously expensive toy he wanted, and I might be able to make him happy with a 100 taka dvd and whatever my mom sends (thanks mom!) There are two packages waiting for me at the American Center. I hope there is something in there for me!

As of today, we have 89 days left. So much to do, so little time. When I come home I'm going straight to my mom and dad's new spa for a massage! Although, I did get a great massage today from one of the women who is a student at Nari Jibon. Blood circulation in the neck and shoulder area, it's a good thing.

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