Friday, March 04, 2005

I will survive!

Ummm, did I freak you all out with that last post? I'm okay, not dead yet, and I do appreciate all of your phone calls/emails/good vibes. Perhaps I should have waited for my tests results before telling the story. I actually do have the test results but have not had time to go to the doctor, so we must wait. I'm no doctor, but it doesn't look like anything abnormal to me. I don't think I have TB, which is what the chest x-ray was for. I still feel like crap, however, and am developing a sinus infection to top everything else off. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow again, so we'll see what he says.
Today, I sortof took the day off. Had to take Isaac to Pizza Hut of course, and then we came home where I slept and then watched half of season six of Friends. I miss Friends. I hoped that I'd feel better so I can do lots of dora-dori (running around) tomorrow. Oh well, maybe the doc will give me some miracle pills.
My friends Tanya and K. headed off to the Sundarbans yesterday and I wish I could've gone. I think I've heard people say that it's the worlds largest mangrove forest (what's a mangrove, you ask? Google it.) and it's the home of the endangered royal bengal tiger. Sigh. I hope they take lots of pics. We had a big plan to dress up in tiger suits and pretend we were tigers to scare all the tourists. We are such dorks.

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