Thursday, March 24, 2005

I spell relief R-A-I-N

We’ve had a few beautiful days of constant rain. I actually had to use a thin blanket last night, and I’m not sweating right now even though the fan is not on. It’s so wonderful, although the open sewers are starting to smell really bad. Oh well, it’s better than the heat!

I just went to the bootleg DVD store and bought some of the Oscar nominees...Million Dollar Baby, Ray, Finding Neverland (was that a nominee?), and the Aviator. I also bought Meet the Fockers...and I'm halfway through it - geez it's funny! I love bootleg DVD's. It's unethical, I know, but oh so nice. Cheaper than renting them back home, and no late fees.

Saturday is Shadinota Dibosh (the day Bangladesh declared independence from Pakistan), and so our office is closed. We're also closed on Sunday, so that gives me two days of sleeping in (sortof) and loafing around. I suppose I should use the days wisely and analyse some data (SNORE), but I need a break. Happily, the Awami League has called another hartal to protest some injustice by the ruling party, so Thursday will be another day off. Yippee, Awami League! Plus, they decided to end it at 2:00 in the afternoon because a section of the Awami League scheduled a "human chain" protest for that afternoon, so they didn't want their own protests to clash. He he! That means I can actually go out in the afternoon. Good for me!

Well, time to rest up, I have a big day tomorrow - I'm venturing into Dhanmondi by myself for the first time to meet with a photographer who I hope will help me with my photovoices project. I've been so productive lately, I deserve chocolate. Thankfully, the commissary shipment was finally released by the government of Bangladesh, and I got a bag of DOVE. Mmmmmm Dove.

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