Monday, April 25, 2005

43 days left!

I am starting to feel really strange about coming home. I'm desperate to see my family and friends, to drive a car again, to eat salad and breathe clean air. But I'm starting to feel very sad about leaving Bangladesh. I've made some wonderful friends here and I'm going to miss them a lot! When I think about the fact that I might never see some of them again, I get really choked up.
I spent the day at the US Embassy today, hoping to help a friend of mine get a visa. She has been in the US for a while, but had to come back to Bangladesh because of visa issues. Her husband is there, and her baby is a US citizen, but they still refused the visa. I felt so awful for her. I'm praying that somehow she can get her petition through, but it looks bleak. I understand the need to regulate immigrants to the US, but what is the point of breaking up a family? I just don't understand.
In other news, I have a bloody lip. Today, just as I was bending over to fix my shoe, Isaac jumped and rammed his rock hard head into my face. The result was pretty gruesome. I now look like I was in a bar fight. Isaac feels terrible about it, of course, so I'm trying not to complain. But OUCH!
This week I'm actually going to get some social action! Wednesday my friend Asheque is going to take Isaac and I sight seeing around Dhaka. Thursday is Tanya's birthday, and she's having a rooftop party complete with live music. Saturday and Sunday, I'm going to my buddy Rubeena's house (and her mom is literally the best cook in the WORLD.) It's good to have friends!
And how excited am I that Page is coming in three weeks? I can barely stop thinking about it. I'm just planning every moment - where we are going to shop, what restaurants I have to take her to, how can I keep her from being burnt to a krisp, how will she handle the heat....I'm just so happy that she's coming. She seems happy too, but she's pretty darn freaked out about the flight. Don't worry Page, you'll be fine! Just brush up on your kung-fu moves before you get to Dhaka, so when people try to "help" with your luggage, you can kick their asses. You'll be fine!

And now I'm off to eat a popsicle (to make the lip-swelling go down!)

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