Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy Anniversary To Me!

Masud still has a few hours to remember that we got married on this day 8 years ago. Yes, 8 years. I'm really starting to feel old! The other Fulbrighters talk about being born in the '80's and don't know about "Different Strokes" - What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis? It has happened. I've always been "the young one" - skipped a grade and got my license a year after everyone else in my class, graduated early, went to college early, married an old, old man so all of our friends are, well, elder than me (no offense, friends!) ....and all of a sudden I'm the old one! It kinda feels good. I feel matronly. Okay, not really. I still think farts are funny.

Today, I tried to give Isaac the whole day - I took him to the American Club to play on the playground and eat American food, then we went and blew 500 taka on some new DVD's (don't tell Masud), and even still he's not happy. I am at my wits end with him. On the way to the American Club, we stopped at the tailor. She likes Isaac, so she made him a really beautiful shirt. When she gave it to him, he said, "No way, I hate Bangladeshi shirts." She was really offended and I was so embarrassed! He's got such a chip on his shoulder since his baba left. A nearly-five-year-old with a chip, it's not a fun combo. If anyone has any good ideas besides gratuitous bribery with cheap toys, please let me know.

Well, Mr. Chippy is fighting me for the computer. I think I've fought long enough and it's time to give in. More soon.

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