Thursday, February 03, 2005

Dhaka - Land of Black Snot

I still don’t like Dhaka, but I’m really relieved to be here. After many fruitless phone calls, we were finally able to secure a truck and driver that were willing to make the trip from Comilla to Dhaka with all our worldly goods. Most truck owners were too scared of rioting to allow their trucks to make the trip. It made for a tense ride to Dhaka, but we made it safe and sound. Now I’m in the painful process of unpacking all the boxes and trying to decide where to put all my crap. In Comilla, I had 1500 square feet. In Dhaka, I have a 10 x 12 ft. room, which is already inhabited by other people’s stuff. My biggest problem is Isaac’s toy collection – even though I feel like I gave away half of it to his cousin in Comilla. Sheesh. New rule – if he must have a new toy, he has to get rid of one from his collection first to make room. He promptly agreed that he doesn’t need any more toys. J

Masud will be leaving on the 11th, and Isaac mentions it about every five minutes. It’s going to be rough this time around, because he realizes what it means to be apart for “a lot a lot of days”. It’s much easier to keep him happy in Dhaka, though. As soon as this political junk cools down, we’ll be able to go out to eat, go shopping (no toys! but dvd’s are okay, aren’t they?), and generally waste money. It makes us both feel good.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you Katie. Mom and Dad