Sunday, October 24, 2004

How to explain to a four year old why we projectile vomit...

...and other fun things I learned this week.

"Well, one time when you ate some food or drank some water, there was a little nasty bug in there. And it went in your stomach and made more bugs. Then the bugs decided to have a party. Your stomach didn't like all those bugs having a party in there, so it decided to squeeze them out."

Do any of you spoiled American people know how hard it is to HAND WASH A KING SIZED SHEET in a BUCKET??? Do you? Just try it once, for fun. But make sure you do it after you have been awake all night holding a bucket and fanning your kid. And don't just wash the sheet, add your pajamas, your kids 3 pairs of shorts, a few pillow cases and a towel. Yep, no need to go to Curves, just do your laundry.

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