Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Hello, Anonymous!

Today I was pleasantly surprised to open my email and find that some random visitors to my blog have posted comments. I have been feeling like my posts are frivilous and a waste of time, but apparently even random people who don't know me are interested. So thanks, random people! And thanks, not so random people (Hey Gilo!).

Yesterday my brother-in-law went to the family "gram" (village) for a visit. He took three of my disposable cameras with him and took lots of pictures depicting daily life - both the good and the bad - in the village. I am eagerly awaiting the prints. I am planning on doing a photography project on a large scale with residents of Comilla, so these test prints will tell me if the cameras came through the postal system without being zapped by the scanner (or intense heat for that matter). Plus I'm going to use them as examples for each of my photography groups. I'm so excited about this project - even more excited about this project that my real research that I proposed.

I've got a gross infection on my left foot. A mosquito bit me and I scratched it in my sleep, and it just happens to be right on the spot where every pair of sandels I own rubs. It's so inflamed that it even hurts to walk - it's the size of a yo-yo. I'm told I'll have to take some antibiotics if I want it to get better. Ahhh, I might as well just take antibiotics the whole time I'm here.

I'm out of witty things to say, so I'm signing off.

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Nana said...

Hi Katie, Your third-world adventures are so fun to read. I've shared your blog site with several of our friends. We could all use any help we can get to increase our understanding of and respect for different cultures. Keep up the good work. I see you got a posting from 'loveburt'...can't imagine who that could be!!!:-) Take care of your foot...hope it gets better quickly. Wishing you lots of love and a few cool breezes. Maddie's Nana aka Wilma