Saturday, June 26, 2004

More Pictures

This could easily become an obsession, I'm sure.
Here are some more pictures which I found worthy of the online world.

First off, we have some of the photography of Isaac Zaman, who uses his small stature to give his audience a look at the world from his point of view. The first photo, which took the subject by surprise, is entitled "Masud says 'Huh?'".

Next, we move on to a portrait of the artist's mother, who can usually be found sitting behind the computer.

Now we see some portraits of the artist himself. Notice how he artfully poses and takes directions from the photographer. The first photograph in this series resulted from the direction of "Give me a cute pose!"

The next photo was obtained by instructing the subject to "Do Something."

Sometimes, my son likes to go back to his roots, and walks around in freezing temperatures wearing nothing but his Loongi.

He often joins his father in the driveway to watch the cars go by. Notice his chair - we brought it back from the village in Bangladesh. He loves that stupid chair.


Anonymous said...

cant see the pics!

Katie said...

sorry, somehow these got lost in cyberspace...I'll try to repost.