Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Highlights

Self Portrait Between the Borderline of Mexico and the United States

Date: 1932

After seeing many of her works in person, I decided that this is my favorite Frida Kahlo painting. It used to be one called "What I Saw In the Water", but that one wasn't in the exhibit.

I went to visit my brother and sister in law in MN this weekend. Here's the breakdown by the numbers.

Hours in the car with Isaac and my mom: 12
Times Isaac asked if we were there yet: 42,000
Times we listened to the Gilded Bats CD (Isaac's fave): 7.5
Excellent Thai meals: 1
Excellent Indian meals: 1
Calories consumed: 12,582
Hours spent waiting in line to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Walker: 1.5
Items I wanted to buy from the Walker gift shop but didn't: 3
Times I played "Rock Band" with Rob: 12
Times I won: 0

Other highlights: Rob and Lisa's pets are hilarious. I think I've mentioned Riley (the yellow lab) before, but he is such a clown. He craves belly rubs and begs for them by laying down with his belly up if you pause in any location for more than 5 seconds. He also thinks he's a lap dog even though I bet he weighs more than 80 lbs. Their cats (Kitty and Jasper) are pretty oblivious to the humans usually, unless somebody goes to the bathroom. Jasper comes in the bathroom and Kitty stays outside and they make a game of sticking their paws under the door at each other. It's hilarious.

Also, Rob and Lisa's Xmas tree was HUGE. Seriously it was maybe 12 feet tall.

And we drove back in the worst fog I've ever seen in my life. Zero visibility. I heard this morning that there was a 100 car pile-up on the interstate here in Madison. Two people died. Yikes.


idadele said...

I love this one and I am so jealous you got to go and see the exhibit! My fave has always been this one:

Wendell said...

You're right; I should really check out the exhibit, especially since I'm living a "life of leisure" currently. In fact, I haven't seen the new Walker yet.


Lisa said...

I'm so glad you guys came to visit!! I'm even more happy you got home safe! Thanks again for taking the time to drive and spend some time with us. We love you so much! :)