Friday, January 18, 2008

Kitchen Angst

Does everybody know how much I hate cooking? Baking is ok - it's like a chemistry experiment. You just put the stuff together in the correct proportions and *shazam* it comes out nice. Cooking is another story. Not only do you have to assemble ingredients in the proper proportions, you have to adjust heat, add seasoning and then taste it throughout the process and change it if necessary. This is too much for me. Perhaps because of my negative attitude, I am a horrible cook.

I also hate grocery shopping because I can never think of anything to buy. My fridge is almost completely empty except for 3 limes, 4 grapefruits and a drawer full of oranges. (All of that citrus is great but I've had the flu for the past 24 hours and I'm not sure it's the best choice right now.) I have no cereal, no bread, no frozen waffles. Isaac is on the couch with a 103 fever and a bucket for barf, so I don't foresee a grocery store trip today. I'm kind of hoping that he doesn't have an appetite so I don't have to figure out what to feed him.

The last complaint I have about kitchens is the never-ending task of washing dishes. This week I let them go for 5 days, but yesterday I realized that it was probably a health risk, so I tackled the pile. It took an hour. There was some rotten broccoli in the sink that was making the house smell like fart. Now I'm staring at the mound of clean dishes that need to be put away, as well as the collection of dirty dishes that I found around the house after I was "done" washing last night.

Maybe I need a wife.


Zeenat said...

LOL at your wife comment. I just said the same thing to a co-worker this morning! :-P

Hope Isaac feels better soon.

Wendell said...

This time of year, when we're inside so much, seems to enhance the monotony of these daily chores. That's what I think.

I've never had a dishwasher in my whole life...hopefully our future house will have one!


Lisa said...

Did my feminist-equal rights for women-anti-stereo-typist sister in law really just say "maybe I need a wife"??? WOW... I'm in shock...

kbw said...

i need a wife, too. actually ktz is retro--very (in)famous feminoid essay, 'why i want a wife' from 1970s, judy alter. from radical feminoid sociology-women's studies professor who is going home to wash dishes, cook supper, write articles-budgets, but no birthing babies.