Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Best Sledding Hill in the Universe.

I used to love sledding. We had this slope behind our house that was part of a cornfield and my brother and I would make sledding tracks when the snow was the right kind, and it was pretty fun. We also went to a big hill at a local golf course where we could rent these things called Ski-Bobs (kind of bikes on skis). That was fun too.

I have never taken Isaac sledding because he hates big slides. The last time I took him down a big slide, he almost passed out from fear, and Masud nearly killed me. But I figured the walk to the hill would be good for us, so we went today.

Sometimes I'm glad I have a wimpy kid because I hate watching athletic events. I doubt he'll go out for sports of any kind. This upcoming semester, we're enrolled in the following extra-curriculars: Italian class, guitar lessons, acting classes (with the Madison Children's Theater), and the chess club. Also, I don't have to worry about broken bones. Well, that's a lie, I always worry, but Isaac is way safer than the kids who went barreling down the icy snowboard jumps without thinking about how to stop.

Anyway, I'm newly medicated so my anxiety was in check, and it was so much fun. We both got some good runs in, and there was only one minor head injury and one near collision. If I start slurring my words, call 911.

And we both ran up that hill 50 times...great exercise!! The hill is right next to Isaac's school and it's called Bradley Park. It's the perfect sledding hill for scared people like me. We're going as much as we can until the snow melts!!

And now we're snuggled on the couch with hot cocoa and tea, and we're watching Return of the King. What a perfect day.


Zeenat said...

Does sound like a perfect day! Glad you guys had fun!

Wendell said...

Such great photos!

Ooo, I've only seen Return of the King in the theater; my girlfriend Sarah and I were both sobbing at the end. R was not!

Will work on the Ryan Adams cd!


carly said...

See, you say perfect sledding hill, and I think "Elver Park" and garbage-bag sleds.

I live dangerously. But then again, I have no kids.