Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend Report

1. Isaac has slept in his bed by himself three times. The first night, he fell asleep fine but then there was a thunderstorm. He was fine - but I was scared. So I went and grabbed him and brought him back to my bed. I couldn't help it. I slept like crap the other two nights because I'm not used to sleeping alone!

2. Masud is coming to Madison instead of us driving to Ohio. I'm really glad I don't have to drive, and he's flying so he doesn't have to drive either! We're both very grateful to his boss who lets him telecommute once in a while so we can be together.

3. It's been raining a LOT and we've had flash flood warnings here in Madison. I love gloomy, rainy days. They make me super-productive. Yesterday I finally tackled the huge scary beast that was my filing cabinet. Now at least I know where everything is! (I totally found Isaac's immunization records! They were scrunched in my "pets" folder.)

4. I had ice cream for dinner tonight. With hot fudge.

5. So much for productivity. I'm going to snuggle into bed and read a book now. It's 7:38, does that mean it's okay if I fall asleep for the night?


Wendell said...

You are a princess! It was so much fun to see you last week and to steal your Civic for a while! xoxoxoxoxo

Sonya said...

Long live ICFD! And with hot fudge no less? Way to take it to the next level, K! ;)