Tuesday, August 14, 2007

At long last....

...I emailed my paper to my professor! My relief is great but short-lived. Now I am focusing on a few other deadlines and trying to prepare as much as I can for the upcoming semester. Isaac and I both start on September 4th. What happened to summer vacation? I thought that was one of the great parts of being back in school...summers off!

We're heading to Ohio on August 23 for a visit to the patriarch. Masud says his apartment is like an oven, so that should be fun! This will be our last visit until Thanksgiving. That's a long time, people. I'm still waiting for them to build the light rail line between Canton and Madison. Do you think it will happen?


Lisa said...

HEY HEY!!!!!!! CONGRATS on the paper! That is GREAT news! :)
We miss you!

kbw said...

'bout time for finishing the paper. highly recommended reading for post MFA garment sector and women workers. i'm sure that katie would be glad to share.....kbw