Monday, August 27, 2007

Friends Rock.

Today I was in a funk because I left the oven on all night after making Isaac's chicken strips, and I think I left the back burner on too. God knows how long that was on. The last time I remember using it was last Friday at supper time. We were gone all weekend. Maybe I should just order takeout every night.

But my buddy G. came to the rescue! We went out for lunch and coffee, and she cheered me right up. She's good at commiserating but not letting me wallow too much in my bad mood. After spending a few hours with her, I'm actually ready to tackle the rest of my week. Better than beer, that girl.

And now, a gratuitous Isaac-in-Nature shot.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Now I feel bad I wasn't able to make it to your housewarming to give you a "turn off stove" note for your door! Don't let it get you- didn't you ever hear the story of the people upsatirs from us doing that last year? Guess it happens all the time. SunnyD

Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Katie is a Flower
and a real Shining Star
If she puts another Frown on
I'll take her to the Bar

Wendell said...

Yay for the nature pic! Where was Isaac? Little streamlets are the coolest.

Zeenat said...

Oh don't beat yourself up! We have all done it at some point or other! ;-) That "Turn off stove" note on your door does sound like a good idea! I should do it too!