Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yes, I'm totally procrastinating.

I have about 4 hours of deep reading to do tonight, and it's already 7:08, so that means I can get a maximum of six hours of sleep if I do nothing else but read tonight. So of course, I'm blogging.

I just had to update you on my week. Isaac started summer school in Madison this week. There is a community center with a child care program in the little cul de sac where my new apartment is located. Isaac LOVES his school. I hope the transition to his new elementary school in the fall will go as smoothly.

I'm really exhausted this week with the start of my theory class, my return to work, driving to Madison daily (after getting Isaac up and ready and fed and in the car), and all the reading I have to do at night. But I REALLY LOVE MY CLASS. So that's good.

And my brother's wedding is coming up this weekend. I'm really looking forward to it - Rob and Lisa were here this weekend and they are both so happy, and I'm really happy for them. Plus it's gonna be a fun party.

But I'm tired. Today I went to (gasp!) Walmart to buy a 100% cotton t-shirt for Isaac to tie-dye at school (I made sure it was Made in Bangladesh), and I think I fell asleep while walking. Suddenly I realized that I had walked smack into a rack of clothes and my arm hurt and the rack was falling over. I have a huge bruise on my arm that is going to look great in my strapless dress for the wedding. It'll match the farmer's tan and weirdo tan lines on my feet that look like liver spots. Oh yeah, I'm gonna be a hottie for this wedding!

And yes, I'm tired. I fell asleep walking. And you're sharing the road with me. Hence the move to Madison, where I can ride the bus.

OK time to read.


Rehan said...

Hi - I guess I am not the only one that looks at where cloths are made before buying to make sure they are made in Bangladesh. My wife, my in-laws even know that about me and they make sure to check Bangladesh before buying clothes for me :-)

Wendell said...

OMG when are you moving?

I can't wait to hear about the wedding!!!!!

We need pictures, especially of Isaac in his fancy clothes. (?)