Sunday, June 10, 2007

Boy, do I have news.

First of all, the most important news: I just finished writing a pretty good draft of my paper! I call it a draft because although it's in "final" form, I have sent it to no less than FOUR reviewers for comments. I'm sure I'll have some work ahead of me when I get their comments back, and I still have to do the references section.

Second, I'm leaving for Washington DC on Tuesday. Isaac and I have been invited to present at the New Fulbright Grantees Orientation again this year. I love this conference, because I get to meet the new crop of grantees going to Bangladesh, and I get a free trip to DC! I'll also get to visit my buddy Kei and maybe even meet fellow bloggers Zeenat and Tanveer. (Will you guys be around this week?) We'll be there all week. I've got several museum visits planned, as well as a visit to our elusive Senator Kohl (whose office I occupied in a recent protest.) Since he rarely visits Wisconsin, I decided it was a good idea to visit him in DC while I'm there.

Third, and hold on to your hats because this is a big one, I'm moving. Yes, I know it's surprising, since it's been almost a year since I last moved, but I have decided that I can no longer handle the drive to Madison. It was a sudden decision. I had insomnia one night and realized that I was killing myself with lack of sleep. Actually, I've had some pretty scary moments on the road where my eyeballs rolled back in my head - although my eyelids were open I was definitely asleep at the wheel. I got out of bed that night and applied for university housing, and was offered a place the following day.

I'm really happy about this decision, but I'm dreading living on my own. I've never really done it, you know. I've always lived with SOMEONE. Now I'm really gonna have to grow up. If the toilet is plugged, I certainly can't ask Isaac to plunge it. If a bad guy breaks in, I'm the one who has to beat him with a baseball bat. (Geez, should I buy a baseball bat?)

Isaac will be attending one of the best schools in Madison, renown for its diversity. We will both join Tae Kwon Do classes, and I'm going to host a Hindi movie night at least once a month. And let's hear it for free internet!! And recycling!! And walking to school instead of spending 15 hours in the car per week!! Yes, it's going to be good. And who wants to live in the same place for more than a year anyways??? Surely not I.

(Except that I have to leave my precious dogs in the Wilderness.)

There is yet another announcement in the works, but I'm not ready to go public with it yet, since it involves approval by some Important People. Stay tuned.


Zeenat said...

Yes we are around! Email me when you get here! Or better yet. I'll email you my phone numbers!

idadele said...

HEY! that whole thing and not one word about me! :-( I'm looking forward to hanging out with you more and helping each other out.

Anonymous said...

You're pregnant!?!?!

Katie said...

Immaculate conception? No, I don't think so. Besides, that doesn't depend on the decisions of Important People.

he he he

Wendell said...

Congrats on your moving decision! I want to move to Madison too! Hypothetically. Although I think I'd rather get my doctorate there than here.

I send you web brownies.

TKP said...

I am so jealous that you get to go to DC! I guess the FB folks gave up on my being in the country during the summers. Have fun, say hi to Kei, and PLEASE tell me your secret news...PLEASE!

Miss Lippy said...

I think it's a good decision. I like living on my own because I'm finding that I'm much more handy than I originally thought. You could get a baseball bat, but then you have to get within a foot or two to effectively debilitate your intruder. Not cool. I went to Gander Mountain and bought a can of bear repellent. It is similar to a can of hairspray but with a trigger. It's basically super-strong pepper spray and can hit the evildoer from 12 feet away. Awesome!

Sharon said...

You have so much energy! I'm feeling very lazy in comparison. You go, girl! :)