Tuesday, June 05, 2007

What do you think?

1) Is it bad that I just ate an entire jar of dill pickles for supper?

2) How much is "200 grams of chickpeas"? (2a. - Why don't we use the metric system in the US?)

3) Do I absolutely HAVE to exercise in order to lose weight?

4) If I leave the end of my paper in a messy lump of fragment sentences, will my professor notice? I mean, it's already 29 pages. Maybe she won't read that far.

5) Why did Bill Watterson stop writing Calvin and Hobbes?

6) Why is it socially acceptable to paint our fingernails blood red, but if I want to paint my fingernails black, it's a big statement? Whatever happened to Vamp nail polish?

7) What makes french fries so damn tasty?


Ms. Non Sequitur said...

Don't think of it as exercise, think of it as improving your blood flow and increasing your life span :)

Wendell said...

I always feel ten pounds lighter after I work out!

Maybe taking a brisk walk would help you figure out your paper; my friend would always memorize her music while she went running....?


page said...

Ask Jeeves. He holds the key to all knowledge.

Hob Gadling said...

Oooh questions! Baldy has answers...
1) No. Pickles prevent scurvy.

2) Ask Google!
2a) Because you guys like to make life hard for yourselves.

3) No. Try Ultimate Frisbee. Ask Ms. Non Sequitur.

4) She won't read anything anyway. They don't read in humanities, just admire the fonts...

5) He was feeling creatively constrained by the shrinking size of the Sunday comics section.

6) Because if you really had black nails you would probably be unhealthy. And if you had pink nails naturally you would probably be healthy. Red is just taking that pink to the extreme. A surprising amount of beauty decisions are based on health (genetic and physical) judgments about the opposite sex.

7) The starch, oil and salt.

Baldy looooooves being a well read geek.

Lisa said...

200 grams of chickpeas = enough to make you shit for a full week