Monday, June 25, 2007

A wedding done right.

The wedding was amazing. It was completely casual and laid back, and it allowed for the most genuine expression of love to come through. I can't wait to post pictures - Lisa was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. We all sat under a giant oak tree in the meadow next to our house, and the congregation was asked to share their thoughts for the couple. My dad was the officiant, and he talked about how we were all a part of creating this new marriage, and that whenever we think of Rob and Lisa, we should send them our blessings. Then Lisa said her vows - I don't think there was a dry eye present. Once she finished, it was Rob's turn. He didn't say a lot, but the look on his face spoke a thousand words. I got a great picture of that moment and I'll post it soon.

The weekend was full of celebration, and I'm beat today, but I'm so happy for my brother and my new sister. I'm sending you guys my blessings right now!

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